AI-Enabled Precision For Preventative Medical Imaging

Twinn Health uses MRI scanning and AI to gain personalised insights into a patients health, detecting preventable disease earlier than ever before

OUR FULL BODY MRI analysis platform

In one scan, detect risk factors for the top three causes of preventable mortality

Since launching based on leading research at Imperial College London, Twinn Health has pioneered the development of an AI platform that automates validated imaging biomarkers to improve both diagnosis and treatment decisions, starting with metabolic disease


Over 50% of us will develop a chronic disease by the age of 45, reducing the number of healthy years of life

Statistics from the American Obesity Society

Our platform is designed to detect potential disease early.


Increases the accuracy of metabolic assessment

Endocrinologists and Radiologists improved both their sensitivity and specificity at high-risk (65%) and low-risk (5%) ACCP guideline thresholds*.


Reduces variations between individual physicians

Improves the diagnostic accuracy of every endocrinologists and radiologist and makes them more consistent with each other*.


Improves clinical management decision making

22% of patients with metabolic diease were given more appropriate decisions faster than convential diagnosis

New Disease Areas

Metabolic Disease

The Twinn Metabolic Screening is designed to screen for potentially dangerous hidden fatty deposits around the organs (affecting 10% of the population) and a major risk factor in heart disease even in healthy individuals. Only discoverable via MRI.


The Twinn Full Torso scan assesses the entire torso for visceral fat and inflammation, looking at all the vital organs for early signs of diseases including cardiovascular health and muscle density to detect risks of joint and mobility issues

Fatty Liver Disease

The Twinn Full Torso looks at the entire body, using blood tests and a full health check to assess the brain, organs and bones to provide a
comprehensive and personalised profile of your body.


Why Twinn?

Twinn Health Services is a leading provider of clinical AI research platforms, specializing in longevity diagnostics, metabolic health trials and investigations. Our state-of-the-art technology and patented algorithms offer precise and efficient analysis of MRI scans, providing valuable insights into therapeutic response biomarkers. By utilizing Twinn MRI analytics, clinics and research institutions can unlock new dimensions in adipose tissue characterization, surpassing the limitations of invasive blood and histopathology testing. Our cloud infrastructure ensures secure data management.Join us and let Twinn Health Services revolutionize your longevity sercvices and, metabolic health trials, investigations, and database projects with the next generation of imaging biomarkers. Experience the power of clinical AI research and retain full control over your valuable data.Key Advantages- Patented, peer-reviewed algorithms with precision exceeding invasive blood/histopathology testing
- Automates detailed adipose tissue characterization unlocking new therapeutic response biomarkers
- Cloud infrastructure proven in large trials, flexible HIPAA/research data security protocols
- End-to-end analytics workflow maintains original scan file formats with open API for platform interoperability
- Licenses enable usage rights in perpetuity across trial sites/collaborating groups on approved studies
Let our clinical AI research platforms enhance your longevity, metabolic health trials, investigations, and database projects with the next generation of imaging biomarkers while retaining full data control.

Dr Sebastian Kuntz — 43, New Jersey


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Empowering Research with Twinn MDx IQ

There is no single factor for obesity and metabolic disease

Patient scan

The MRI and any prior scans are automatically uploaded into the Twinn Hub

Twinn Prediction Score

Within seconds, the Twinn Prediction analyzes the 3D torso region around the organs to compute the score.

Optimal clinical decisions

With the support of the Twinn score, make the optimal clinical management decision for the patient.


Twinn MDx taps advanced AI to extract new insights from MRI scans. By automating precise adipose tissue measurement over time, our patented deep learning platform reveals temporal signatures of metabolic health and dysfunction invisible to the human eye.

Redefine your workflow

Upload Your Own DICOM File and control your entire workflow


97-99% AUC

Twinn detects 10 abnormal radiologic findings with 97-99% accuracy.


Optimized Workflow

Reading time for all cases and normal cases were reduced by 13% and 33%, respectively.



By combining biometric data with MRI scans we can understand and develop a personalised understanding of your health

View the results of our clinical validation study

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Digital Diagnostics

Key Opportunities for Research✅ Discover early prognostic indicators of disease risk
✅ Elucidate subtler mechanisms and pathway interactions
✅ Identify predictive subgroups tailored to interventions
✅ Develop more sensitive digital phenotypes for trials
✅ Quantify response heterogeneity to common medications

Twinn MDx extracts powerful metabolic disease biomarkers from standard MRI scans using patented deep learning algorithms. Automating precise adipose tissue measurement unlocks a new layer of physiology for earlier, more targeted trials.

Enhanced Patient Stratification

Sensitively detect subtle fat patterns to enrich cohorts with targeted tissue responses predictive of outcomes for optimized statistical power.

Objective Efficacy Signals

Track precise morphological changes over months showcasing fat-specific treatment effects weeks earlier than existing endpoints.

Mechanistic Clarity

Map adipocyte population shifts to genetic and serum markers illuminating invisible mechanisms of investigational and approved drugs.

Powerful, Intuitive AI to Enhance MRI Powered Diagnostic Processes

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AI-Based Diagnostics Delivered via a Modern Digital Radiology Platform

Twinn Hub allows physicians to access AI powered radiology tools


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Twinn provides insights and supports longer, healthier years.

We believe MRIs have the potential to detect some of our most prevalent diseases earlier than ever before, contributing to healthy ageing.

OUR Team

Based on leading research from imperial college london

We are a team of commercial, academic, and technical experts which support the mission of Twinn


Assistant Professor of Medicine
Columbia University Medical Center


Assistant Professor of Medicine
Columbia University Medical Center


Assistant Professor of Medicine
Columbia University Medical Center


The nation’s top researchers and doctors are helping Twinn predictive scans become the new norm.

With the help of the nation’s top medical experts, we’ve designed MRI and blood testing protocols to help identify risk profiles for over 15 hard to detect diseases and metabolic warning signs through an AI powered radiology platform


Assistant Professor of Medicine
Columbia University Medical Center


Assistant Professor of Medicine
Columbia University Medical Center


Assistant Professor of Medicine
Columbia University Medical Center

Our team are dedicated to changing preventative medicine

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